The South Australian State Gliding Championships will be held at Gawler, hosted by the Adelaide Soaring Club. Saturday 22 January will be a practice day, with the contest from 23-29 Jan.  

The event will be in Sailplane Grand Prix format, making it more interesting for pilots and for spectators. Depending on numbers two classes (ballasted and unballasted) will be flown, with handicaps applied. The contest will be as flexible as possible – you can fly one day or the whole week. Entry is $10/day or $50 for the whole week. Aerotow only.

Refreshments and camping/caravan sites are available. There will be clubhouse dinners on the both Saturdays, and on Wednesday. 

More details (rules, turnpoints etc) to follow.

To enter please use the button below & complete the entry form. If you’d like to know more, please direct enquiries to Brenton Swart on 0411 885 320 or ASC office (08) 8522 1877


List of Entrants

Pete Temple ASG29 VH-JPT
Geoff Kempster Speed Astir VH-IZW
Richard John Atkinson LS4a VH-IID
Geoff Brown JS-1C 18m VH-UKG
Brenton Swart Ls3 VH-WUF
Peter Cesco Nimbus 3DM VH-GOZ
Paul Clift LS3 VH-WVH
Matthew Scutter Diana 2 VH-NWP
David Pietsch JS1BTJ VH-GZZ
Sid Nankivell LS3 VH-WUD