Pricelist November 2020

Effective November 2020 


Annual Subscription ( 1 November to 31 October – Non Refundable)
Flying Member $520
Flying Spouse $347
Concession Member $347
Junior Member (U18 years) $156
Student Members
(Student card to be produced)
Social Member $52
Temporary Member (1 Month) $52
Temporary Member (3 Month) $156

Note: Only 1 type of Temporary Membership can be used and is only available once. One of the other membership catagories is required thereafter.

Flying Charges (All ASC Sailplanes – Maximum charge per flight is 3 hours)
Single seat gliders

FQQ $0.86 per min

Discus $1.08 per min

$0.43 per min
Junior / Student
$0.54 per min
Junior / Student
Twin seat gliders

G-103 $1.07 per min

DG-1000 $1.54 per min

DG-505 $1.46 per min

$0.80 per min
Junior / Student

$1.16 per min
Junior / Student

$1.10 per min
Junior / Student

Aertow / Tug Charges $7.51 per min Subject to Committee approval

Discounts on glider costs are available.

Contact office for details

Glider Air Experience Flights
Aerobatic $300 per flight
Normal $300 per flight
Light Sports Aircraft Trial Introductory Flights (Jabiru)
Jabiru 1/2 hr $101
Jabiru 1 hr $185
Hire of club aircraft for overnights away from Gawler

Standard flying fees. CFI approval required.

Light Sport (powered) Aircraft
Training Hire & Fly
Jabiru J-170 $150 per hour Tacho $135 per hour Tacho
Non Members $202 $187
Jabiru J230 $179 $164
Non Members $229 $214
Roko Stratus (members only) $171 $156

Airfield User Charge to members: $2.56 per pilot per day
(instructors & tug pilots exempt while carrying
out these duties).
Annual charge of $67 for private aircraft with self-launch capability.

Bunkhouse Accommodation
Members $15
per night
Non Members $21
per night
Linen Fee $15 per stay
Caravans & Camping
Permanent Site $560
per annum
Casual Sites
Powered Members $20
Non Members $25
Unpowered Members $10
Non Members $15
Hangar Sites

Infrastructure entry fee $2200
Annual leases as per individual leases

Landing & Parking Charges

Visiting powered aircraft $11 per engine
(GA Airwork or Charter aircraft only)


The following packages are only avaiable for gliding and not for LSA at this time.

Trial Introductory Package (TIP):

This package is designed for those who are still not sure if gliding is for them. It gives you the opportunity to have a go for a few months before you fully commit to your training.

Cost: Adults: $1450 which gives you 10 flights plus club membership for 3 months and Full Flying GFA (Gliding Federation of Australia) membership for 3 months.

Full Time Students: $1265 which gives you 10 flights plus club membership for 12 months plus Full Flying GFA (Gliding Federation of Australia) membership for 12 months.

Condition of the Packages: Both packages require the 10 flights to be taken within a three month period starting from the date of signing up. Both packages also include: All Tow Plane and Sailplane costs , Log Book and Sailplane Training Record Book.

Gliding Advanced Payment Scheme (GAPS):

This package is designed to suit a glider pilot who is already a member and wishes to pay in advance and in turn will recieve bonus flying hours.

Please follow this link to find out more Gliding Advanced Payment Scheme (updated for Family Sept 2016)