Learn to Fly LSA

Learn to Fly a Plane

Come and enjoy the benefits of learning to fly in a fun, friendly and professional club atmosphere.

The Adelaide Soaring Club is a not for profit organisation whose motto is:

“To enjoy safe flying, friendship, and sharing our passion for aviation.”

On the powered side of our operation we train people to fly under a catagory called Receational Aviation using Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). We are fully licensed under the governing body called Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus).

All our instructors are fully qualified and love flying, so they volunteer their time to train our members and fly the public. This means we have lots of fun and it keeps our flying costs low compared to commercial organisations.

You can start flying lessons at 14 years of age; however, you must be 15 before you can fly solo, with a level of medical fitness that would allow you to drive a motor vehicle.

To learn to fly with us you need to become a Full Flying Member of the Adelaide Soaring Club (ASC). You must also become a member of Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus) and obtain your Student Pilots Certificate. You will need to come into our office to join the club. This can be done when you come in just before your first lesson.

You can join RAAus online prior to your first lesson following this link, https://www.raa.asn.au/become-a-member/join-now/  or come into our office and our friendly staff will help you through the process.

When you commence flying training, you will need the following publications:

  • Ground Training Manual 102: Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK), by Jan & Val Dyson-Holland 
  • A Pilot’s Logbook

Both publications are available from the ASC’s office. 

You will find most of the initial theoretical information that is required for your training in the above manual. You will need to do a bit of reading and study that will eventually be followed with a written, multiple choice exam covering the topics of Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK), Flight Rules and Procedures and Pilot’s Radio Operations.

However, this is all done in a self-paced style and most students find this very educational and interesting. You will have plenty of help from our wonderful instructors.

You will begin flying an aircraft on your very first lesson with an instructor by your side.

The amount of training required for a restricted pilot’s rating is approx. 20 hours. This also includes a percentage of ‘solo’ flights to practice certain segments of the training program.

All the training is self-paced however we recommend that you train weekly, or at least one session per fortnight. Any new skill is hard to learn if it is not done regularly and flying is no exception.

The Adelaide Soaring Club operates 7 days per week weather permitting, however, LSA training is only available on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

If you are currently a glider pilot with a “C” rating or hold a General Aviation (GA), Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) or higher, you may qualify for your Light Sport Aircraft wings in as little as 5 hours. Glider pilots will still need to study the BAK theory syllabus and sit for the exam.

For more information or to join up and start your aviation journey today please contact our friendly office staff during business hours on (08) 8522 1877 or email us at: office@adelaidesoaring.org.au