Safety Occurence Reporting

The core of achieving better safety outcomes is through Safety Occurrence Reporting. An occurrence is any incident, accident, near miss or identified hazard that has, or could have the potential to affect safety outcomes. At the ASC there are 3 ways to report a Safety Occurrence:

1. If the occurrence is related to Gliding operations the report should be registered through GFA’s on-line reporting system at – https://www.admin.glidingaustralia.org/index.php?option=com_chronoforms6&chronoform=mygfaauthv6

2. If the occurrence is related to LSA operations the report should be registered through RAAus’s on-line reporting system at – https://oms.raa.asn.au/lodge/

3. If the occurrence relates to a non-flying matter then please use this formPlease use the attached form

In all instances please ensure that the ASC’s  Club Safety Officer receives a copy by placing it in the report box located on the Safety Board in the Briefing room or by emailing it to safety@adelaidesoaring.org.au

Where required, within the GFA’s and RAAus’s safety reporting systems there is the provision to report the matter directly to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.


The ASC operates under a “Just Culture” philosophy, meaning that no punitive action will be taken where honest mistakes have been made. Anyone can make a mistake, but let’s be honest and open by reporting it, so that everyone else can learn from the experience and create better safety outcomes.