Powered Aircraft

Powered Aircraft

In Australia, aircraft are separated into different categories. There are different governing bodies depending on those categories.

At the Adelaide Soaring Club (ASC) we operate powered recreational aircraft that fall into the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) category.

Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) are generally, small, simple to operate aeroplanes, gliders, weight-shift microlights, gyroplanes, powered parachutes and balloons that meet certain performance and weight requirements, without direct certification oversight by the countries respective National Aviation Authorities (NAA). LSA are therefore manufactured to agreed international standards and certified by their respective manufacturers to that standard.

The LSA category is the fastest growing form of aviation in the world today as it is the one of the most affordable and accessible forms of flying available. You can buy factory built LSA or even build one yourself from a kit or from scratch.

Some of the LSA standards are:

  • A maximum all up weight of 600kg
  • Must have a stall speed below 45kts
  • A maximum of 2 seats

The governing body for recreational aircraft in Australia is Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus) and our club LSA operate under their jurisdiction. It is a legal requirement that you must be a member of RAAus to fly these aircraft in Australia. To learn more about RAAus please follow this link to their website. https://www.raa.asn.au/

At the ASC we have a small fleet of Jabiru aircraft. The Jabirus are Australian built, composite, high wing aircraft. We use the Jabirus for all our flight training and they are available for members to hire and fly once they have achieved their full Recreational Pilot License (RPL).

Jabiru Aircraft

The Adelaide Soaring Club caters for everyone, from those who are curious and just want to have a go, to the serious aviator, who wants to learn how to fly. To find out more please follow the links below.