Flying Experiences

Can you soar like an eagle,

or motor through the sky,

with a fun flight experience,

or learn how to fly?

Yes, you can!

At the Adelaide Soaring Club you can do all the above!


Try one of our Air Experience Flights (AEF) taking in the majesty of peaceful, powerless flight. Riding the thermals on the doorstep of the beautiful Barossa Valley or for the more adventurous you can even do aerobatics.


Or maybe you would like to learn how to ride thermals and go long distances on nothing but the rising currents of the air. What a wonderful environmentally friendly way to fly with nothing but you and the aircraft and the gentle sound of the wind.


Powered Flight

If you would like something with an engine, then try a scenic Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) in one of our Light Sports Aircraft above Gawler or over the famous Barossa Valley.

Or maybe you would like to learn how to fly over our beautiful country and take your family or friends to experience the world from above. Maybe even start your aviation career?

Gift Vouchers

Buy someone you know the joy of an aviation experience using our online Gift Voucher service. Alternatively, you can contact us directly to organise a voucher.




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